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Call Air Comfort Heating & A/C, Inc. for great Furnace repair service in Anoka MN
Call Air Comfort Heating & A/C, Inc. for great Furnace repair service in Anoka MN

Heating & Cooling FAQs

Why do I need to do tune ups on my Furnace & Air Conditioning?

A: Just Like a car, your HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance. When ignored, dirty burners can produce carbon monoxide which can be very dangerous. If not maintained properly a furnace can shut down unexpectedly causing costly after hours service charges.

How often do I need to do tune ups on my furnace & Air Conditioning?

A: Most manufactures recommend that you tune up both your furnace & air conditioning once a year. The A/C should be done in the spring and the furnace can be done any time of year. For your convenience, we offer several maintenance plans to fit your needs. Click here for more information.

Do I need to replace my Furnace & Air Conditioning at the same time?

A: Not necessarily. Many times people replace only the furnace or air conditioner. It is completely the consumers choice. There are many benefits to changing both at the same time. Sometimes there are additional utility rebates that are available by combining the right high efficient equipment. In many cases having matching equipment can add to the comfort levels of your home as well as operate more efficiently. In addition, there is always the peace of mind that everything is covered by warranty.

What do you mean when you call a heating system dual fuel?

A: When a heating system is designed to run on more than one type of fuel, it is called a dual fuel system. The most common dual fuel system involves combining a gas furnace and electric heat pump. Heat pumps are efficient during mildly cold weather, but begin losing their ability to heat a home as temperatures drop. If the home is equipped with a dual fuel system, the gas furnace can kick in and take over heating.

How much does High Efficient Furnace & Air Conditioning Save on Utility Costs?

A: Every home is different. There are many variables to consider. The size of the home, the age of the existing equipment and the number of occupants are just of the few things that would have to be considered. At Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning we offer a free computerized in home energy analysis that accounts for all the variables & will give you a great perspective on what you can expect to save on your utility costs as well as show you your return on investment.

How often should I change my Filter?

A: There are many variables that can contribute to the length of time a furnace filter lasts. Number of pets in the home, Different allergies people have, the age of the home & the time since the last duct cleaning are all things that can contribute. However, if you want to be safe replace a one inch filter every 30 days or a six inch Filter every six months.

What is a Heat Pump?

A: Technically, a heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space. Installation for this type of system typically consists of two parts: an indoor unit called an air handler and an outdoor unit similar to a central air conditioner, but referred to as a heat pump. A compressor circulates refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the indoor and outdoor units.

Are there any rebates available on Furnace & AC Replacement?

A: Yes. Most utility companies offer homeowners rebates when you replace your existing furnace & Air Conditioning with High Efficient Equipment. There are also rebates available on Programmable Thermostats, Heat Pumps, Ductless Mini Splits Hot Water Heaters, Furnace & AC Tune Ups & more! In many areas you can receive up to $975.00 in rebates on furnace &. When you purchase any HVAC equipment from Air Comfort we take care of processing all your rebates for you. This takes all the hassle out of your hands & assures that you get everything you have coming to you.

Should I cover my Air Conditioner in the winter?

A: In Minnesota we recommend that you not completely cover you’re air conditioner. Every spring we answer several service calls where mice & other little critters have made a home and chewed up wires. Also, covering it completely can trap moisture potentially causing damage to the equipment. We do recommend covering the top with something as simple as a piece of plywood to keep snow & ice out of the unit.

How often should I have ducts cleaned?

A: Clean your ductwork every three years. Make sure they are cleaned upon completion of any renovations on the duct system. Ducts collect dust, bacteria and molds that are then transferred into the air as it moves through the rooms of your home. Routine cleaning can reduce allergy symptoms and some other unexplained symptoms, including as headache and fatigue.

Why do I have condensation on my windows?

A: It may be that your humidifier is set at too high of a setting. If that doesn’t fix the problem then it could be that your furnace or hot water heater is not running correctly. In many cases people have done energy efficient home improvements such as new windows, new siding or better insulation causing the home to be too tight. In that case you may need an Air Exchanger. Newer Homes are built so tight now days that code requires an Air Exchanger. If simply lowering the setting on your Humidifier does not fix the problem, Contact us & we would be happy to send a service tech out to help discover the problem.

What is a 2-stage Furnace and why invest?

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions to an HVAC professional, which is not surprising given the many misconceptions that are out there. The main advantage to the two stage furnace is the improved home comfort that is achieved through the reduced indoor temperature fluctuations that the 2-stage furnace delivers, NOT increased efficiency (a 90% furnace is 90% efficient, regardless of how many stages it runs in). The reduced indoor temperature fluctuations on a 2-stage furnace are accomplished through a gas valve that has both a low-fire and a high-fire position, and the multi-speed/variable-speed blower motor. The 2-stage furnace is especially appropriate in climates such as that of Minnesota where a “winter day” can be defined as anything from +40 degrees down to -40 degrees. Obviously, it is much easier to heat your home when it is +40 than when it is -40, although you have to use the same system to heat your home on both days. A single stage furnace, with a fixed gas valve and a blower motor that runs on only one speed will cycle on and off continuously during periods of mild weather (+40). Not only does this type of start-stop-start-stop operation put an extreme amount of stress on the system, but the space that the system is trying to heat will be in temperature fluctuation. The 2-stage furnace, on the other hand, will operate in its low-fire stage during periods of mild weather (pushing less air through the ducts and less combustion gas through the flue), and automatically ramp up to its second high-fire stage during extremely colder weather. This will cause the home to experience fewer and much less severe temperature swings in the home, which will result in greater over-all comfort for you and energy savings. In addition, your system can be expected to last longer since it is not being continually shut on and off (which, in the case of the single stage furnace, inevitably leads to motor seizure and failure or other furnace repairs).

What is a Variable Speed ECM motor?

A: An ECM or Variable Speed Motor can significantly improve the comfort levels of your home. Since the fan is always running it constantly circulates the air in the home causing the temperatures in each room to be much more equal. It’s Like Having a ceiling fan in every room!! One thing people don’t associate with furnaces is the electrical cost to run the fan. A typical fan can cost about $25 month to run 24 hours a day. With a Variable Speed ECM motor the cost to run is only about $5 per month. That’s a savings of up to $240 per year. In addition many Utility company’s recognize the higher efficiency & offer rebates on ECM motors. Standard blower motors are typically very noisy. Since Variable Speed motors run at such a slow speed they are much quieter. So Quiet in fact that you hardly can hear them running. A standard motor is only filtering the air when the fan is running. Since a Variable speed motor is running all the time it is filtering the air in your home 24/7. In addition, Since a Variable Speed (ECM) motor is always running it will help with the dehumidifying when the Air conditioning is on in those hot summer months. This helps with the efficiency of the AC unit as well. So much in fact, that it can help your Air Conditioner reach a better SEER rating which can result in extra rebates from your utility Companies.

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