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It’s important to keep your boiler in tip-top condition when the cold Minnesota winds start to kick in for the season. For boiler repair or replacement in the Anoka area, contact Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our experienced technicians will assess your boiler and provide fast, effective solutions. Schedule an appointment with our boiler system experts at 763-753-6623.

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Signs Your Boiler Requires Professional Attention

When temperatures drop and the snow starts to accumulate, you won’t want to be stuck with an unreliable heating system. Keep an eye out for the following signs of boiler malfunction.


Perhaps the most apparent sign of boiler failure is noticeable leaks. While leaks can be easy to spot, understanding the cause of this malfunction isn’t always straightforward to the untrained eye. From broken internal pieces to loose pipes, there are a number of reasons why your system may be leaking. The boiler experts at Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will determine the cause of the leaks and provide you with a fast and effective solution.

Strange Odors

If you’re noticing your boiler is giving off strange smells that are highly unpleasant, take note. Unfamiliar smells often indicate an issue with overheating or gas leaks. No matter the cause, any strange odors shouldn’t be ignored. Schedule a boiler service as soon as possible.

Loud or Unfamiliar Sounds

While it’s normal for boilers to make some noises, especially after several years of running, you should take note of any sounds that seem particularly loud or worrisome. Unusual noises can be an indication of a number of issues, which is why it’s essential to have a professional technician regularly inspect your system.

Water Isn’t Hot

Although this sign may seem obvious, you should take the time to ensure that your boiler is properly heating its water. This type of malfunction could be a result of a number of issues, such as a broken thermostat or a defective valve. You’ll want to schedule a boiler repair service as soon as possible to avoid losing your home’s much-needed heat in the thick of winter.

Contact Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for 24/7 Boiler Help

Whether you’re in need of a boiler replacement or a single repair, our team of experienced technicians is ready to help. We provide honest and reliable communication so you can feel confident in all aspects of your boiler service. Send us a message to get a quote, or call our Anoka office today at 763-753-6623.