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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System
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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

You might not think of fall as a season in which your HVAC system works hard – that'd be winter's job! But truth be told, there's no season wherein your heating and cooling are free from its comfort-providing duties. You live in your house year-round, after all.

That's why it's essential to take care of your HVAC during all seasons, including fall. You need and deserve a well-working system at all times to keep your home cozy. Unfortunately, with winter around the corner, now would likely be the most inconvenient time for your furnace to break down.

Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here with a few tips to help you make sure your HVAC system keeps rolling on strong through another temperate fall – and to prepare it for winter ahead.

Take a Look at Your Air Filter

Cleaning or replacing air filters is a critical part of HVAC maintenance. When done regularly, you can, for the most part, avoid most significant issues.

So, before the chilly weather sets in, check your HVAC system’s air filters. Take a look at the air filters in your furnace, air conditioning unit, central air system, or central heating system. You may clean or replace your air filter more often if your HVAC contractor or your filter packaging recommends it.

Getting into your HVAC system and assessing the amount of dust that has accumulated on the filter lets you know a few things:

1.      If it needs to be replaced or washed

2.      If you may need a different or more effective filter

3.      How hard your HVAC system has been working to compensate for your filter

During the fall and winter months, you will be spending more time indoors than the spring or summer seasons. As such, it is imperative that you clean up your filter now to maintain your residential indoor air quality and health.

In fact, State Farm even recommends a filter checkup on its list of fall to-dos!

If your filter is particularly dirty or you otherwise don’t feel it’s doing its job correctly, speak with an air purification expert today to get the right filters for your system.

Tidy Up the Exterior of Your Home

Minnesota is blessed with gorgeous colors in the fall, but the same lovely leaves may significantly damage your HVAC system’s outdoor units. Your home’s gutters’ primary purpose is to direct water away from your home’s foundation, walkways, and driveway.

So, it is important to start fall with a thorough inspection and cleaning to prevent fire, exterior home damage, and ice buildup once winter comes. Clogged gutters cause water to build up, spill over, and cause eventual damage to your home’s foundation or flood the basement.

As well, add raking leaves, store your yard equipment for the winter, such as kids’ toys or patio furniture, and care for your yard. During fall and before the first hard freeze, you should water the lawn, put down grass seed, and aerate as normal.

Luckily, cleaning your gutters and around the exterior of your home only takes a few minutes. If you plan time to check on your gutters, your outdoor units, and your roof every few weeks, you can keep your heating system safe and your home healthy.

Check Your Fireplace, Woodstove, or Chimney

Do you have a beautiful fireplace in your home? An iron wood burning stove? If your home has these things, you are going to have a comfortable and warm winter – when you play it safe.

Most chimneys require sweeping once a year, depending on how often you use the fireplace, woodstove, or chimney. If you’ve waited to sweep your chimney up until the colder months hit, you need to call in a professional. They can also advise you on getting the best seasoned wood to burn in your fireplace or woodstove.

And, while you are cleaning and checking on your fireplace, woodstove, or chimney, take a few minutes to review fire safety with your family. It is only too easy to get too close to the fire or leave something unattended when stepping away for a warm drink.

However, a review of where fire extinguishers are located, how to change the batteries and use your home’s smoke detectors, and an up-to-date fire excavation plan.

Put Your A/C Into Hibernation

It’s hard to know when to put your air conditioner’s outdoor unit into hibernation. After all, you can never really know when summer comes to an end in Minnesota. As a general rule, wait until the warmest days are over to shut down your air conditioner.

Put your A/C away for the winter by turning off the circuit breaker, clearing off any debris from the outdoor unit, and place a piece of wood and bricks on top to protect it from the winter elements.

While many A/C units won’t need this type of maintenance, there are a few – those that have what’s called “crankcase heaters” – that will. Check out this Star Tribune article all about it.

Choose Us for a Cozy Home Through the Chilliest Weather

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