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Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair
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Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Face it: we all take A/C for granted in the summertime. Being able to retreat to a cool house when things get hot isn’t something we appreciate as much as we should—until, of course, our system breaks and we can’t do that anymore!

At Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we pride ourselves on keeping our clients safe, cool, and comfortable, so we don’t want that to happen to you. Even if your cooling seems to be working just fine, sometimes the signs that repair is needed can fly under the radar as mere quirks—so read up on a few of them below.

Your Cooling Is Noisy

Any air conditioning services provider will tell you that your cooling should run quietly. When it starts to make a ruckus, there’s certainly an issue! From crashing to banging to humming, an ailing A/C unit can be quite the expressive vocalist; its complaints can signal anything from a loose part to an electrical problem.

Regardless, in any of the cases, you’ll need an A/C repairman to diagnose and fix the issue.

Your Cooling Works Unevenly

If one area of your house is pleasantly chilled while another feels muggy, it could be your A/C to blame. A/C units generally do a great job keeping your home comfortable, but anything from leaky refrigerant to a frozen coil can cause “short cycling”—when your system shuts down before your home is adequately cooled.


This is certainly a problem you want an air conditioning contractor out for, simply because an unevenly cooled home isn’t always your A/C’s fault. A vent blocked with furniture, for example, or air leaks in your home’s envelope can also be culprits. If you want to avoid a whole lot of snooping, just phone the pros!

Your Cooling Stinks!

Yes, literally. If there’s a bad smell coming from the unit, it most likely needs to be taken apart and cleaned. Without air purifiers, all sorts of nasty things can quickly accumulate in the unit, so consider having those installed while your A/C contractor is by. Clean air and fixing the problem for good are both worthwhile investments.

To prevent this problem from happening again, invest in regular cleaning and maintenance, and consider a UV air purification system to help keep things more sterile. Learn all about this technology in our residential indoor air quality blog.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Of course, many things can cause your energy bills to rise, from drafts to more frequent use of the system in comparison to previous years. Just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your system—though if why you’re doing so can’t be logically explained, it’s a good idea to have a pro out to see if you might need repairs.

Even if you don’t, that same HVAC contractor can still help you find other ways to lower your energy bills. It’s a happy ending either way!

You’ve Neglected Your Maintenance

It’s an unfortunate reality that some air conditioner problems are silent to the average homeowner. Few people have the time or expertise to constantly monitor their systems, and the system can very well suffer for it. That’s why having a professional regularly service your system is critical. They have the experience needed to detect the potential for problems and stop them before they become something dire.

So how often should you have your air conditioner seen? While there’s no such thing as too often, there is indeed such a thing as too rarely. Review Home Warranties, an appliance home warranty resource, recommends that you have professional maintenance done twice yearly, which is what comes standard with a variety of maintenance plans. That’s all the more reason to check ours out. We’ll do everything from cleaning the condenser coils to making sure your air filters are working in harmony with your system.

Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.: Here to Cater to Your Comfort

The United States Department of Energy states that regular air conditioner maintenance sustains system efficiency, and nobody knows A/C better than us. Give our Anoka office a call today at 763-753-6623.

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