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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Residential Indoor Air Quality
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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Residential Indoor Air Quality

Residential indoor air quality, as we’ve previously detailed in our blog, is measured in a lot of fashions: how easy your air is to breathe, how clean it is, how it affects your family’s health, and how well it coexists with moisture-vulnerable parts of your home, among other factors. Because it’s such a broad term, improving it might seem like a near impossibility; how are you to tackle cleanliness, comfort, and humidity in one fell swoop?

Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is here to help. Below, we’ll detail a few simple steps you can take today to improve your residential indoor air quality—alongside some upgrades your HVAC contractor can provide that do likewise.

Keep Up With Pet Grooming

You adore your dog or cat. Your residential indoor air quality? Not so much. According to the American Lung Association, pet dander and allergens can stay in the air longer than other allergens because their jagged shape makes it easier for them to be airborne.

If you own a pet, their dander can also weigh heavily on your air purification system’s filter, clogging it up and reducing its efficiency. Pet fur clogs up vents and ducts, leading to an overall reduction in residential indoor air quality.

Keep up with a vigorous grooming routine to reduce both of these effects. You might even consider taking your long-haired pet to a professional groomer now and again for a deep clean.

Consider UV Lights

Pathogens can build up in your HVAC system itself and flow through its ductwork, contributing to poor residential indoor air quality.

While you can’t get in your vents with an alcohol wipe, you can take steps to target these microscopic annoyances in other ways, like installing UV light air sterilization systems. They’re germicidal air purification technology that targets pathogens both in your heating and cooling appliances and in the moving air they create, freshening up your home and keeping your family healthy.

A Whole-House Humidifier Fights Mold Problems

Mold spores are another thing you certainly don’t want to be breathing or finding anywhere unexpected! Mold thrives in humid environments, so if your home’s air feels a bit like that of a tropical rainforest, chances are you’ve got mold issues. A humidity management system from a  whole house humidifier installer, though, neatly fixes the issue by controlling the moisture in the air and making the overall environment less conducive for mold to grow.

Air Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc: Embrace a Higher Level of Residential Indoor Air Quality

No matter what’s stopping your family from breathing easy, our HVAC contractors are here to help. Reach our Anoka office today at 763-753-6623.

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