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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Suddenly Stop Working?
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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Suddenly Stop Working?

Service interruptions are no fun, especially when it comes to air conditioning. Few people enjoy being subjected to the heat of a Minnesotan summer without escape! Moreover, such interruptions can actually create major health concerns in those susceptible.

It’s one thing if your air conditioner is dilapidated and rusting out, but what causes an otherwise fine-looking unit to suddenly quit? It’s a question best answered in person, but Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to guide you in the right direction. Below, you’ll learn about a few hiccups that can lead to cooling system service interruptions and when to call a pro for help.

The Thermostat Isn’t Set Correctly

It’s a common, easily solvable issue that nonetheless can make many homeowners fret. A fussy thermostat can have many causes, from being set to heat when you need it to cool or simply aging out of a functioning state. Hunker also points out that a thermostat’s batteries can also affect your cooling system. Even if it appears to be functioning as expected, low charges can be enough to throw things out of whack.

Before contacting an HVAC contractor, check for the obvious: that your thermostat appears to be functioning as it should, has fresh batteries, and isn’t getting up there in years (ten years is a decent lifespan). If it’s old, you’ll need to make the call, but many thermostat issues can be solved at home.

Clogged Filters

If the cooling unit seems to be running but simply isn’t cooling your home efficiently, you can suspect that blockages may be part of the issue—namely, as far as your filter is concerned. Every filter has a different timeline in regards to when it needs to be replaced, and failure to adhere to this results in debris buildup and, ultimately, the failure of your air conditioning to work. It can also cause system strain over the long term, as your A/C has to work overtime to pump air through an increasingly congested area.

Water Backup

Cooling systems often create a lot of water, since they remove the stuff from the air. Generally, then, they have a drainage system to rid themselves of it. If this system accrues debris or becomes filled with algae, the air conditioner may fail to run; some even have sensors that prevent them from doing so to prevent damage.

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