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When to Call for Emergency HVAC Services
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When to Call for Emergency HVAC Services

HVAC issues run the gamut from mildly irritating to downright life threatening. For example, while a fussy thermostat that’s slow to warm your home is, of course, a concern that requires quick HVAC services, it probably isn’t something you’d absolutely need to handle in the middle of the night. In contrast, your furnace cutting out on a subzero winter’s eve—that’s absolutely an emergency!

While the line in the aforementioned cases may be clear, sometimes it’s not so obvious when to call for emergency HVAC help. Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., is here to make the decision easy.

If Your Furnace Flame Isn’t Blue, It’s Emergency HVAC Services for You

You probably know a bit about carbon monoxide poisoning—like that you shouldn’t leave your car running in a closed garage, for example. But a furnace, if it’s illy cared for, can also bring this deadly gas into your home, which can quickly make your family ill.

A healthy furnace, if it burns natural gas or oil, will have a blue, or mostly blue flame. Any other color lets you know that your furnace is emitting dangerous gasses and that you need the help of a heating contractor ASAP to keep your family safe.

Refrigerant: A Dangerous A/C Chemical

Air conditioning, like furnaces, is a perfectly benign part of your HVAC system when properly cared for. However, if it begins to leak refrigerant, you’re dealing with a toxic chemical—it’s best to let a heating and cooling contractor take care of it before anyone gets hurt.

 If your air conditioning makes a hissing noise, it could be a sign that your A/C problem is beyond the point of your run-of-the-mill repair and has become dangerous. You most likely need emergency service.

Worried? Make the Call

We understand that you, as a homeowner, might not be able to completely ascertain whether or not your HVAC system needs immediate help—they’re complicated things, after all! That’s why we encourage you to play it safe and call for help if you’re ever unsure about the true nature of a problem. At the very least, you’ll be reassured as the HVAC contractor will be able to identify a mild problem over the phone—and you could be saving your loved ones’ lives.

Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.: On Call for you Always

We bring our legendary customer care to our 24/7 emergency services. No matter the time of night or day you call us, you can expect nothing less. Give our Anoka office a call today at 763-753-6623 for all of your HVAC needs.

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