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How Do UV Lights Work to Improve Air Quality?
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How Do UV Lights Work to Improve Air Quality?

We all know the value of getting a little sunshine ourselves—it can be a wonderful mood-booster! But when it comes to your air conditioning and furnace, UV light is quite beneficial, too, helping your family breathe a little easier and your HVAC system to do its best work.

But just how do UV lights work when it comes to keeping your home air quality high? Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., is here to help you understand the benefits of this revolutionary technology. Below, you’ll discover exactly how UV lights take your air quality to the next level.

What Are UV Lights for HVAC Systems?

Before you understand how they work, it’s important to understand what UV air purifiers are, and how they differ from your standard air purification filters that HVAC systems use. Regular HVAC filters are physical devices that look a bit like a coffee filter, but square-shaped. As air flows through your HVAC system, these filters catch small particles like pet dander and dust mites before they can enter your home.

UV light air sterilization works a little bit differently. These systems use germicidal—germ-killing—lights to kill the microscopic particles that your air purification filter might not be able to catch. They come in two overarching types, according to The Refrigeration School; in-duct UV air sterilization systems work broadly within your ducts, while coil sterilization buckles down and focuses on isolated, particularly dirty areas—like, obviously, your system’s coils.

The Benefits to Your Air Quality

This method of air purification actually kills germs. While filters are a necessary part of your HVAC system, as they handle larger particles, UV air purifiers use a special frequency of light to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This, of course, reduces their numbers in your home’s air and keeps your family healthier.

Certain types of UV air purification can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently. By cleaning off the coils of your air conditioner or furnace, they ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t need to fight grime to do its job, ensuring it can provide its maximum performance for your family.

Finally, air purification in this sense can also help with household odor. Because it’s been rendered effective against mold, it can keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.: Keep Your Family’s Air Amazing

Our residential indoor air quality pros would be happy to share our UV purification expertise with you. Give our Anoka office a call today at 763-753-6623.

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