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Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair
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Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair

With the winter season on its way, keeping your furnace in working condition is essential. One of the best ways to avoid unexpected malfunctions is to keep an eye out for signs that your furnace requires repair.

As soon as you recognize these signs, contact a reputable HVAC repair company, such as Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., as soon as possible.

Increased Energy Bills

An old, worn-down heating system begins to underperform, leaving you with incredibly high monthly energy bills. The furnace has to work harder than usual, and this means using more energy in less time.

If you’ve noticed your energy bills start to skyrocket with no other explanation, you may be in need of furnace repair. The experts at Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can assess any malfunctions your furnace is experiencing and apply an effective solution.

Unfamiliar Noises

While furnaces typically generate some noise when they operate, especially what they are turning on, any new sounds you’re unfamiliar with should be noted. Strange noises coming from your furnace would include squealing, thudding, banging, and rattling. All of these indicate a serious issue with your furnace’s interior.

There are several potential causes of a noisy furnace, from broken motor bearings to malfunctioning fans. Instead of looking into it yourself, call a local furnace professional that you can trust.

So, once you notice your furnace making strange noises, contact a professional HVAC contractor such as us for reliable furnace repair.

The Temperature Doesn’t Match the Thermostat

If your house’s rooms feel cooler than your thermostat, you may be dealing with a furnace malfunction. Rather than watching the situation get worse, schedule a professional furnace repair service as soon as possible.

It could be the furnace, or the thermostat itself. Your local HVAC expert will understand how to help.

Excessive Age

An older furnace has a lifespan of roughly 15 to 25 years. The older your unit is, the more maintenance and attention it requires over time.

Repairs may become necessary more often, and of course, these become more expensive with each repair. So, it is easy to see why you need to consider replacement after a set amount of years.

If you haven’t replaced your system in a couple of decades, the symptoms of age will make themselves known. HVAC experts can determine whether your furnace is still in working condition or if it needs an overlooked repair.

The System Repeatedly Turns Off & On

Your thermostat should regulate your home’s temperature at a consistent level. However, if your furnace seems to turn off and on rapidly, then your furnace may be short cycling.

Short cycling is the result of an overheating heat exchanger, and it affects the comfort of your home because you cannot count on consistency. In a Minnesota winter, you greatly depend on the consistency and comfort of your home’s furnace.

If you are worried about your unit’s short cycling, connect with a furnace repair professional.

Hot & Cold Rooms

A properly operating heating system will evenly distribute warm air throughout the house. Every room should match the thermostat’s setting, being as warm and comfortable as your family needs it to be.

However, uneven heat distribution results in certain rooms feeling excessively hot and others feeling cold. This is never a good thing. Uneven airflow from your home’s heating system is a telltale sign that you need furnace repair.

Decrease in Indoor Air Quality

A faulty furnace in need of repair causes the quality of your home’s indoor air to plummet. This does much more than make your family uncomfortable, but directly affects their health. Especially for those who struggle with asthma and allergies, poor indoor air quality creates a poor living environment.

If you notice that your allergies and asthma symptoms, or those of your loved ones, are worsening without explanation, you may need furnace repair. A dirty air filter may be the secret culprit causing your family’s health problems.

Turning the Heat Up Too High, Too Often

Once you set your home’s thermostat at a comfortable temperature, you should feel that air blowing through your home. However, if you feel yourself wondering why it is suddenly so cold, turning the temperature up and up, with no relief, you may need furnace repair.

It isn’t you that is too warm or too cold, it’s your furnace acting up.

Sudden Halt in Operation

If the above signs are neglected for too long, your furnace may suddenly quit working. This can make for a cold and uncomfortable environment in the middle of a Minnesota winter - and no one wants that.

If you’ve noticed your heating system has stopped working, Air Comfort Heating & Air is ready to assist with our 24/7 emergency repair services.

Contact Us for Emergency Furnace Repair in Anoka

Our team provides fast and efficient furnace repair services. We know what it takes to keep your furnace running all winter long. If you think your heating system is due for a professional repair, contact Air Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. as soon as possible.

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